An Attractive Yawn on Legs (thanatas) wrote in thelauingers,
An Attractive Yawn on Legs


this morning, I had my last Joe Lauinger class ever.
This makes me sad.
Ok, sad and happy.
Sad because it's my last and I loved this class, and this teacher (Meredith knows just how I mean that..) and it brought me much joy to have a knowledgeable, understanding, and stimulating teacher for a class that I really deeply connected to and enjoyed.
Happy because I got to be in it at all...many people were turned away, including a few seniors that Joe had put on the top of his priority list...I was one of the lucky ones.
::sigh:: Damn I'm going to miss this.
I do have my class notes, and my list of Joe-isms, which I might share at some point with the rest of you...::grin::
much love...
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