Casi (harker207) wrote in thelauingers,

A couple of my favorites

Joe was my don and secondary father figure for my four years at Sarah Lawrence. I am convinced, in fact, that if he didn't save my life a couple of times, he definitely preserved my sanity (just ask 'ree). We did "FYS: Myth & Drama" and his "Ibsen and Chekhov" seminar. It was bliss. With Ann, I took her lecture on "Allegories of Love". It was in this class, with my trusty fellow crack-up, Cliffie, that Ann and I first sparred. I mean that in a nice way...

Ann on Ovid: "He's a fascinating man. I'd love to have him over for a dinner party. Just.. with my husband."

Ann on Cliff and I, after we cracked a series of jokes about 'The Faerie Queen' in group seminar: "I've finally figured out what it is about you two! You're cut-ups!"

Ann, on the cigarette we were smoking outside her class: "Oh, that's fine. Just go ahead and smoke your weed!" (That one confused us for a moment, until we remembered that Ann is probably the only person in the world who would still use sixteenth century slang.)

I have more in my old notebooks and I must scour them...
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