Prof. Jeremy M. R. F. Chesterfield-Pickles III (alfrecht) wrote in thelauingers,
Prof. Jeremy M. R. F. Chesterfield-Pickles III

Mazel Tov!

It makes me happy to know that this community exists! I had Ann as a don from 1994-1998 (first-year studies was Medieval Writers), and had Joe for one semester in Fall of 1997 (Sacred Theatre of the Middle Ages), and loved all of it, and all of them, to death! It took me four years, though, to realize that they're Jewish! What a fool I am! I got to see them in 2003 when I was back in NY for a conference at NYU, and that was great.

As for great Ann and/or Joe quotes, unfortunately I don't have my notebooks here, but I remember a few from Ann that have stuck with me:

(on the Song of Roland) "This poem takes itself a little bit too seriously, don't you find? I mean if this were an Anglo-Saxon poem, there'd be some irony in it, they'd be saying things like 'That was not an easy sleep he had, / For he was dead.'"

While I don't have the exact quote down, there was also her thing about suspecting that there is a sexual connotation in Chaucer, and by extension any medieval lit: that if you thought there might be, you may as well assume that there is. She illustrated her point by telling us about the perverts on the subway who might rub up against young girls, and that her father always advised that in approaching such individuals, if you suspected it for a second, you should just assume that they were doing it, even if they weren't.

Then there was the time that I had my brother visiting and we went to pay Joe a visit in his office, and at the time he had an attractive female donnee with him, and he said that he'd be with us that evening at a reception, and that meanwhile he'd been "slaving over a hot donnee," and we all had a laugh at that, because the insertion of "donnee" for "stove" was a little unfortunate, depending on your viewpoint...
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