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"Now we're really getting goosebumpy!"

More Joe quotes for your entertainment. Also, he says "Hi!" to everyone who first greeted him... he made some comment comparing you all to cockroaches, also, but I think that was more in response to my comment about coming out of the woodwork. Anyway, he was very excited to hear from y'all and asked me many questions I could not answer, so I'm sure he'd love to receive correspondence.

“Did you get to play in the snow? Frolic?”

“I wish I had aborted you when you were slop.”

“Such a tame word- overcompensating.”


“Obviously not a PC play.”

“His mom looks at him and says ‘Yuck!’”

“He needs a sportscar.”
“Or a real girlfriend.”

“Murderer, priest, what the hell.”

“So it’s a man who says, ‘I wish I’d never given birth to you.’”

“Chances are, there’s an onion involved.”

“Every woman is a potential kingmaker.”

“When you kill other men, you get their women. Cool.”

And later, in reference-

“This is not a good philosophy for life.”

“Corpse, halberd, ooh! It’s exciting, seeing weapons.”

“How do you act this? Easy, you bite yourself!”

“Now we’re really getting goosebumpy. *long pause*
Is that a word?
Bumpish. Bumplike.”
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