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Comedy and Romance in the Middle Ages = Ann quotes


"O, great pool hall oracle, lend me guidance."

"All rape and adverbs."

"Queinte-- it's the precursor to cunt."

"In a word? Fuck it. That's two words."

"He's got pardons where his testicles should be."

"It has to do with birds- so right away I think sex."

"And I said, 'Right on, bro Mark'."
-as in St. Mark

"He's not only a dumb old man, he's a dirty old man. Hurray!"

"That sounds like a D&D version of baseball."

"Chaitivel, or how not to be a courtly lover."

"Love makes you stupid, but it shouldn't make you THAT stupid."

"It's not sexual, it's textual!"

"You know the show Cabaret? *sings* Beedle dee, dee dee dee, two ladies, beedle dee, dee dee dee, two feudal lords..."

"I'm just a bunch of songs today."

"They're saying, 'Sire, sire, your wife fucks around.'"

"Arthur's court is out on a field trip or something."

"The damsel's naked boyfriend and the giants."

"He goes through all the protocols, and then he beats the shit out of them."

"Band-aid lady."

"These are bullshit numbers."

"What would Dante say?"

"You can't eat YouTube."

Knowing that I'm sure you'll distinguish her
Who is most loyal; and recall our vows.

"...or I'll cut it off."

Flay me, no more than a priest by sticks
"What the hell does that mean?"

"The big Maytag in the sky."

"It's my job here to think of them suggestively."

"Forget all of AP English."

"You can make up a persona and write as Tuppy the Tulip."

"What do women want? A mute pilgrim."

"It's like trying to get laid at Cheers. Everybody knows your name."
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