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By'r lakin a parlous fear!

Since two of us Lauingerites are doing Midsummer this summer (sorry Paul), I figured I would post up some Joe quotes about the lovely play.

“He was always weird, Shakespeare…”
“A penis is a sort of funny thing…it steals the show.”
"This is her number one big Bozo.”
“ ‘Her virgin patent had not been yielded up’…that’s a nice way of putting it.”
“ ‘Legitimate sexual event’…what a phrase…. ‘Are we having a legitimate sexual event?’”
“Hey, last night in my dreams we really got it on and it was great!”
̶ 0;Children? Little naked children?”
“Sex is not something to salute and do, but it’s something, say, you…fall into.”
“Oh man! Babes in mud!!”
“Fairy Juice Joy.”

I hope everyone is having a great summer!!
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