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Applications? Bah!

Since I'd rather not be writing my study abroad essays (and blacksmithtony is a nasty, nasty distraction), I've made more icons. Take away, but please credit ^___^

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Ooooo taking the third one. I LOVE IT! :-)
2 and 3.. so sorry, but they make me happy:)

Bah, Nico had told me I'd have exclusive rights to this one. But then she went and posted it. Well, you may have commented here first, but I had it first! :P
Can we request our fav. Joe sayings? B/c I have a list of great ones. Like, "Registration and interviews are hell of an erotic time.” (Ancient Greek Theatre)

“He’s got lungs down to his knees, that guy.” (Shakespeare and Film, about Richard Burbage)

“My mother called me Hamlet for years.”

About Ophelia: "She needs a really good don." (I would suggest the classic picture of Ophelia that everyone has in their dorm rooms by that guy. And I really want you to make this icon for me and I'd love you forever for it.)
Find me that Ophelia pic... there are lots on Google Images, and I'm overwhelmed ^__^
Indeed ^___^ Definitely taking suggestions. Three days of Joe class = not so many quotes. Please suggest