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Afraid there haven't been many good ones lately- most are very dependent on context.

"Ho, there's a healthy man who happens to be covered in blood."

"Go see Macbeth- it has this great bloody man."

"You don't invite the witches to a party. Well, maybe here you do."

"This is a spooky bitch."

"Hel-lo, fantasy!"

"Hey, little one, you're sucking at my tit, thanks!"

"It's this big guy with his Macbeth hat on."

"Remember when Christ is on the cross, and he's having a bad day?"

"Anywhere you go, you end up on the left."

"You know, when I come home, my wife doesn't say 'Hello, Professor.'"

"I would guess Lady Macbeth is a very pretty boy."

"Birdie, tell me the truth."

"This is Rocky Horror, only taken literally."

"It's great to see a kid murdered onstage."
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