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More Joe Quotes than you can shake a stick at. Go ahead. I dare you.

So, I've been bad about posting these. but here are many, many Joe quotes (from Ancient Greek Theatre) dating back even to mid-October. I'll be better about posting in the future. Maybe.

"Now, you could have a spear wound in your groin and be. . . not up for it, as it were." -on sex in wartime

"Now remember, women don't have genetalia."

"I am stupid!" -impersonating Agamemnon

"You are so uncool." -on what happens in the afterworld if you don't have a great funneral

"There's been no children eaten, but there's been a lot of really bad sex!" -on Mourning Becomes Electra

"Now. What about the penis problem?"

"He's a very clutchy god. He doesn't let go." -on Hades

"Euripides- he's a card!"

"Your brother is you, but with a dick!" -on Antigone

"There's nothing better than a dead child." -on Iphigeneia

"Keep your guard up when your pants are down!"

"She's that special kind of virgin who can beat the shit out of your enemies!" -on Athene

"They really bounce!" -on sheep

"Hey you bastard! You're a bastard!" -on Oedipus

"Kill off your parents. Then they'll never threaten you again." -on Polybus and Merope

"This is not rape by Clarabell the Clown! This is rape by Heracles!"

"You have this miracle freak- the Virgin Mary. . . "

"He's a kind of man-penis!" -on Heracles

"No one can come through that door and try to stop me- I got tenure!" -on class running overtime

"God. Hates. You." -on Philoctetes

"I like that story. It makes me think of little baby Zeus!"

"Is there a god of assholes?"

"What's going on? Is Elijah here?" -on having an extra chair at the table

"Hamlet is like conference work."

"I'm a middle class shit! I drive a Toyota! I like to put in a CD and go home and have a little drinky. . . "

"He'll steal your opera and try to fuck you." -on Brecht

"Creon the asshole?"

There you have it. I'm sure more will be coming in the future.
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